December 11, 2015

Growing plant

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog!
Now, I have had many blogging attempts that have failed. This is because in each of those attempts I tried to label myself. I have realized that labelling myself does not give me a chance to actually show who I truly am and to express myself the way I want to. So I’ve chosen not to label my blog as a fashion blog, design blog etc. Instead I want this to sort of be my own thing, where I express topics of my own interests
I think of myself as a growing plant. Always growing in the direction of the sun (I love the sun too!). But the whole point is, I love to surround myself with positive energy. Despite all that’s going on in my life, I love being positive because that is something that keeps me going. 
I hope you all can follow me on my journey and contribute to it as well! The reason why I am posting all of this online is to share it with others, because you never know if someone else might be going through the same things. (btw, most of the graphics and visuals on this website will be created by me unless otherwise stated!)
Thank you for reading up to this point, and I hope you enjoy my posts and what I have to share!
Peace and Love,

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