About itsLateefa

itsLateefa is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog written by a Toronto university student.

I made this blog to share my interests, life moments and my journey with you all. I'm interested in minimal living and fashion, positivity, food, travel and beauty. Subscribe to my Youtube Channel to know more about me. Here are a few random facts:

1. I am extremely awkward and I love to embrace that
2. I loooooove food: Pizza and chocolate being my favourite
3. I talk ALOT
4. I love to travel and explore my surroundings
5. I joke around a little too much (I am barely ever serious, except for in some environments* )
6. RnB, Hip Hop, Alternative and Soul are amongst my favourite music genre. (and any other music that sounds great)
7. I am interior design and architecture lover
8. I like to try different and new things
9. I like to think I am an artist 😛

Thank you for stopping by!

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