December 15, 2015

About Lateefa

Hello everyone! I just finished finals and they were hectic! Don’t worry I survived, so for now on I will be back on track with my blog posts. It is time for everyone to know a bit about me:
I’ve gone from blogging about makeup to blogging about fashion and lifestyle. I am not sure what my core interests are, but right now I think they are a combination. I made this blog to share my interests with others and blogging is what I do during my spare time.
I am a graphic design and DIY lover! So most of my posts will definitely involve one of the two. I also like creating my own content and thinking of new and different ways of doing things.
I am currently in college studying Information technology and I love what I do.
My interests range from graphic and web design, makeup, fashion, lifestyle, DIY’s and much more. I spend most of my time writing blog posts or watching youtube which is where I get majority of my inspirations from.

If you have the same interests as me, then you should definitely follow my blog as I will be posting content related to these topics. Hope you enjoyed reading this post, don’t forget to follow my social media and stay tuned because I have a lot planned!
p.s: please post your blog link in the comments, I would love to follow and connect with you all!


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