June 21, 2017

Style Crush #1: Ryan Destiny

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well! I know it's been a while since I've blogged about fashion. But I am back at it again and this time I have a style series. Ever since the show Star on Netflix premiered, I have been obsessed with Alexandra Crane's (Actor: Ryan Destiny's) style on the show and on Instagram! When I walked into Zara and saw these red and white wide legged pants, I thought of her outfit from Instagram with the similar navy blue pants that she posted! It also gave me the idea of starting a new series on my Youtube channel and on my blog called style crush. This series involves my favourite celebrities, bloggers or Instagrammers style which I try to replicate and recreate in my own way, using the items I have in my closet. Below are my favourite Ryan Destiny outfits and the ones I have recreated with my own twist. I hope you all enjoy this new series!
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Outfit Inspiration #1:

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Although these pants are not the same Ryan wore, I still love the design and how simply you can style it with a top. I chose a white top so the colours can be coherent and the pants can stand out, because they are the main part of the outfit! Shop this look below: You can get the Zara pants here and the white top here.

Outfit Inspiration #2:

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This outfit definitely caught my attention because it is so easy going and classy at the same time. I swapped the bandeau top Ryan is wearing with a crop top from my closet. I love the idea of this outfit because you can wear it anywhere and it literally requires minimal effort. I also swapped out the cargo olive style pants with these pin stripe pants from H&M that I pulled up past my ankles for a more casual laid back look. Instead of boots I chose to wear sandals because of the warm weather. *Now that I am thinking of it, I do have to get my hands on a pair of those boots though! You can shop the look at the end of this post.

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- Lateefa

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