September 18, 2016

End of Summer OOTD

Hello everyone, I know it's been a while since I've posted. To be honest I've been trying to enjoy summer the most I can. Living in the moment and focusing on the people around me is what I've been busy with this summer. It was very enjoyable as I had a lot of free time because I had no school. I got to spend leisure time with family and friends and it was truly calming.

*I should also mention that Netflix was great company too ;)

Taking a short time off social media has allowed me to learn more things about myself and the things around me. I can say that it was time well spent.

The school year has started and it's the time of the year where I feel the most productive. This means that as well as keeping up with school, I will be posting on my blog and Youtube regularly.

In this post I've ditched the denim and I went for a more put together look. When I saw these striped pants at H&M, I grabbed them as quick as I could knowing they would create a great look with this top. The combination of stripes and colours makes this outfit great for:

1. A "put together" day look,
2. A night out look (you can add a black leather motto jacket and switch the sandals for heels),
3. Work (you can add a blazer or duster vest to it for a more professional look).

Below are some snapshots of the outfit:

Hope you all enjoyed.
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Till next time xx


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  2. Thank you! I'll definitely check out your magazine :)