February 10, 2016

Keeping Things Simple

Since the year started, I have been taking a minimalist approach towards life. Being in college and moving from place to place made me realize what I do and do not need to take around with me. Last summer, while I was packing, I noticed I had a lot of junk. I had a box of gifts that I had gotten since my tenth birthday and tags left on clothes I never wore. I held on to everything I didn't need. Moving was a hassle and I wanted to make it easy. So I decided to throw things away, sell them, or give them away to others. After this, I felt free!

I currently have two racks of clothing, one drawer chest and no more junk from the fifth grade! It is an amazing feeling because it makes me feel organized. I feel like my mind is clear and I don't have to worry about searching through clothing when I go to school in the morning. All I do is pick one of my garments from the clothing rack and find a way to make it an outfit.

Not only has living minimally changed how I feel, but it helped with my spending habits.

I am currently working on getting rid of a few of my things and selling them. So follow my google plus page to stay updated on how my journey goes!

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